Attracting Greatness!!

October 12, 2010

Recently, I’ve noticed some people around me that spends a lot of time complaining and venting. While there is a time where you just need to vent & get something off your chest, it doesn’t mean that it should remain a habit. You ever notice that friend who always have problems and as soon as you come around, they tend to attempt to dump it all on you? After you’ve talked to them, you feel drained and worse than before you saw them. That means the focus needs to be changed. We all have control over where our thoughts dwell. Why not focus them on positive things. What are your dreams & goals. If we focus on the great things in life, then most likely we will attract more of it. When you dwell on the negative, then guess what? You will get more negative events. I’ve encountered all types of complaints from different folks and its funny to me how eager they are to talk to anyone who will listen about what’s wrong…the bad relationship, the sickness, the dead end job, the repossessed car, the cut off utilities..steadily looking for someone to come along and comfort them by agreeing or feeding into the mess. Start Shifting that focus on something good and follow up with making footsteps toward those dreams. For the weak minded, love to be a victim ones, if life is just too hard for you, just give up! Stay the EFF away!! Nah, just reprogram your thinking and keep striving for the best. Enjoy the journey!!
God Bless!!!


I would like to send out a special Thanks to everyone who came out to support the Chappelle Show Mixtape. I had a blast guys and really appreciate the luv! Check out some pictures from the show! **SMOOCHES**

Mr. or Ms. Negative!!

September 22, 2010

They come into our path at some form or fashion, at the job, in church, in our homes or even in our families. You ever come into contact with people that are so negative & petty that you want to take a Bleached Dishrag and Pop them right dead in the Kisser??? Lord knows that I have but the best way to combat these types of personalities is to not take everything they criticize or attempt to throw your way personal. A lot of times, these individuals are so unhappy and miserable that they try to transfer all of their negative energy onto others. A word of advice to those who are dealing with someone with this draining and stifling nature, just don’t let them steal your joy with all of their pettiness & nit picking over the smallest mundane events or when they do try to throw the salt, throw it back by recalling what they are saying to you without personalizing it. A good example would be to repeat back what they just said in a more confronting tone asking them something like this, “So what you are saying is that you think that I am trying to steal 2 minutes of company time?” LOLOL!!!
Misery loves company so just be glad that you don’t have to accept the invitation. I think this calls for some classic Black Sheep!!! The Choice is Yours Successful People!!!!

Be Blessed!!

Cutlass Reid!!!!

September 21, 2010

Cutlass Reid is a phenomenon straight out of VA. He is definitely an artist that just can’t be slept on!! Get familiar with this rare talent because he is bringing definite HEAT!! Check out some of these videos!

Hey Fam!!!

It’s Monday morning and Thank God for waking us all up!! All praises going to the Most High!! I also wanna Thank the Good Lord for the Real MC’s out here that are still staying true to Hip Hop. Rah Digga is one of the hardest most lyrical chics still doing it and I just had to put this video up!! She’s murdering a lot of Cats out here! #KanyeShrug
Bow Down, Hail to the Queen Chics!!

Lose Control by MiMi Velez

September 17, 2010

Check out the single Lose Control by the beautiful and talented MiMi Velez, produced by Kleph Dollaz of the Control Freaks. Get your freedownload here—-> MIMI V.- LOSE CONTROL! PRODUCED BY @KLEPHDOLLAZ (THE CONTROL FREAKS) Click on zshare!! Then download!!


Be Sure to come out to The Chappelle Show Mixtape Party!!!
Sept 26th at Xscape Lounge located at 814 W. Grace St., Richmond, VA!!
See Ya There!!!!

I GOT IT- Noah O

September 10, 2010

Hip Hop

Check out this hard hitting Anthem from Noah O. Video done by Monsee Woods (Pronounced Mon-say). He’s definitely a beast with the visuals. Graphics

Shout Out to Noah O & Monsee!!

Check out the New Single by Canayda ft. Shawn Chappelle (yours truly 🙂 )
Support good music ya’ll!!

You can also catch Canayda Performing on Sept. 30th in Richmond,VA at the Hats Factory with Camp Lo!
That show is going to be craaaazzzyyy!! I will definitely make it a point to be there to see that!!
Hip Hop,RapShow


September 10, 2010

Happy Friday Folks!!!

Get your weekend started with some dope sounds and we all know there’s nothing like great music. Check out Michael Millions’ Ashes & Samples EP!! I enjoyed every track on here so I know you all will find some gems to bump in the whip!!